The Woods of Terror

Woods of Terror

The Woods of Terror located on Church Street in Greensboro, North Carolina is the next best thing to dying and going to hell if that is your thing. They are open beginning in September and closing for the season in early November.

There are several attractions that will scare anyone that includes the Monster Midway that includes a Monster parade. Arachnophobia where if you are afraid of spiders and other creepy crawlers you may want to avoid this attraction. Night Stalkers where the monsters will be trying to eat and the menu includes you. Industrial Nightmare where you go into a plant where people have lost their jobs in the past and are looking for revenge. Chaos 3D where you wear your 3D glasses and the walls come alive. The blood house where the vampires are very hungry. The awakening where you walk through a graveyard and the dead come alive. And much more, just visit their website at for prices, location and a list of all events.