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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Movies I have watched in the month of April 2018


movie theatre

Movies I have watched in the month of April 2018 are

This movie was good from the beginning to the end. I would rate it 5 stars out of 5. Non-stop action with a twist at the end.

This movie was also good from the beginning to the end. If you want to be scared to the point you almost pee your pants this movie is for you. Don’t forget to leave the lights on while watching it. I give it 4 3/4 stars.

If you watched the origninal movie from 1995 you need to watch this one. Watch the trailer for the 1995 Jumanji movie below.

This movie is very entertaining for all ages and I personally enjoyed it. I would give it 4 1/2 stars.

10 Famous Funny Commercials


10 Famous Funny Commercials.

Greensboro NC Gun Show Debate


Mark Robinson at Greensboro NC Gun Show Debate with the City Council gives a great speech.

Walking My Dog 21 March 2018


Walking my dog in the snow on the second day of spring, 21 March 2018.

Free Ice Cream at Dairy Queen

dairy queen

Free ice cream at Dairy Queen on the first day of spring, March 20. Limit one per customer.

Find a store near you Here

Little Caesars to give away Free Pizza


Little Caesars to give away free pizza after tweeting out on March 16 saying if any #16 seed beats a #1 seed they will give away free pizza.

Well crazy happend when #16 seed UMBC beat #1 seed Virginia 74-54

And later that night Little Caesars tweeted this

Carolina Cobras

Carolina Cobras

Carolina Cobras will begin play in 2018 at the Greensboro Coliseum. They are part of the National Arena League

Carolina Cobras schedule

Carolina Cobras schedule

Find more information on their website at Carolina Cobras

North Carolina Alligator Season

American Alligator

North Carolina Alligator Season will be from September 1 to October 1. The last time alligator was legal to hunt for in North Carolina was in 1973. Limited take would be by permit only issued by the Wildlife Resources Commission.

The bag limit would be one per permit, with a season limit of one alligator per permittee.

Alligators could only be taken using hand-held ropes or catch poles; hand-held or rod/reel snatch hooks; harpoons or gigs with attached restraining lines; baited, wooden pegs less than 2-inches in length attached to hand-held restraining lines; archery equipment with arrow-attached restraining lines.
Alligators taken by any lawful method described above would have to be dispatched immediately upon capture.

Alligators could be taken day or night and with the use of artificial lights. Baited hooks would be prohibited. Permittees would be required to complete a harvest survey provided by the Wildlife Resources Commission and to allow staff to collect biological data from harvested alligators.

For more information please visit Ncwildlife.org

Reverend Billy Graham dies at 99


Reverend Billy Graham dies at 99 today. Born November 17, 1918. Dies February 21, 2018.

Meanwhile at the Daytona 500



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