North Carolina Alligator Season

American Alligator

North Carolina Alligator Season will be from September 1 to October 1. The last time alligator was legal to hunt for in North Carolina was in 1973. Limited take would be by permit only issued by the Wildlife Resources Commission.

The bag limit would be one per permit, with a season limit of one alligator per permittee.

Alligators could only be taken using hand-held ropes or catch poles; hand-held or rod/reel snatch hooks; harpoons or gigs with attached restraining lines; baited, wooden pegs less than 2-inches in length attached to hand-held restraining lines; archery equipment with arrow-attached restraining lines.
Alligators taken by any lawful method described above would have to be dispatched immediately upon capture.

Alligators could be taken day or night and with the use of artificial lights. Baited hooks would be prohibited. Permittees would be required to complete a harvest survey provided by the Wildlife Resources Commission and to allow staff to collect biological data from harvested alligators.

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